Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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328                                     GLOSSARY.
scasftmund,] a measure from ike top of the extended thumb to the utmost part of the palm, six inches.
shee, 166, shoe.
sheede, spill.
sheeld-bones, blade-bones, shoulder-blades.
sheen, bright.
sheen, shoes.
sheep's-silver, mica.
shent, injured, abused; 48, shamed.
sheugh, furrow, ditch.
sic, such.
siohin', sighing.
sicken, such.
skaith, harm.
skaith, [qy. skail?] 136, save, keep innocent of.
skill, but a, 371, only reasona­ble?
skinked, poured out.
sky sett in, 262, for sunset or evening.
skyll, reason, manner, mat­ter.
slae, sloe.
slawe, slain.
slichting, slighting.
smert, quickly.
snell, quick, keen.
solace, solas, recreation, sport.
sooth, soth, truth ; sothely, truly.
soth, 276, sweet.
soun, sound.
speed, 11, fare.
spier, ask.
spylle, destroy.
stappin', 148, stopping.
stark, strong.
start, started.
stefly, thickly.
stered, guided.
stern light, 112, light of stars.
stifle, 29, strong, stout.
stinted, stopped.
store, big, strong.
stown, stolen.'
stowre, strong, brave.
straiked, stroaked.
strak, struck.
stratlins, 183, straddlings t
streek, stretch.
sture, 155, big, strong.
stythe, stead, place.
suire, neck.
suld, should.
swick, blame.
swilled, 242, shook, as in rins­ing.
swoghyne, 103, soughing.
swylke, such.
syde, long.
syen, since.
syke, rivulet, marshy bottom.
sykerly, sykerlyke, certainly, truly.
syne, then.
syth, times.
sythen, since.
tabull dormounte, 19, stand ing table, the fixed table at the end of the hall. (?)
tae, toe.