Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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mekill, great, large.
mell, mallet.
meloude, melody.
mensked, 276, honored.
menyde, moaned.
merks, marks.
merk-soot, 274, mark-shot, dis­tance between bow-marks. — Finlay.
merrys, marrest.
mese, mess, meal.
micht, might.
middle-eard, the upper world, placed between the nether regions and the sky.
minded, remembered.
minion, fine, elegant.
mirk, dark.
mith, might.
mode, passion, energy.
mody, courageous.
mold, mould, earth, ground.
montenans, amount.
more, greater.
most, greatest.
moth, might.
mother-naked, naked as at one's birth.
mouthe, might.
muckle, much.
Mungo, St., St. Kentigem.
my lane, alone.
mykel, much.
na, not; namena, name not, i}c. nay, denial. neist, next.
newfangle, 9, (trifling, incon­stant), light, hose.
niest, next, nearest, close. noth, nouth, not. nouther, noyther, neither.
on, in.
on ane, anon.
one, on, in.
onie, any.
or, ere, before.
orfare^ 99, embroidery.
Oryence, Orient.
oure, over.
over one, 23, in a company, to­gether ? See Jamieson's Scottish Dictionary, in v. ouer ane.
owre, over, too.
owreturn, refrain.
paines, penance.
pall, rich cloth.
palmer, pilgrim.
papeioyes, popinjays.
parde, par dieu.
pautit, paw, beat with the foot.
pay, 237, pleasure, satisfac­tion.
paye, 104, content.
payetrelle, 99, (otherwise, pa-trel, poitrail, pectorale, &c.) a steel plate for the protec­tion of a horse's chest.
payrelde, apparelled.
perde\ par dieu.
perelle, pearl.
pile, 261), down, sometimes tender leaves.
plas, 19, place, palace.