Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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knave-bairn, male child. knicht, knight.
laidley, haihly, loathsome.
laigh-coll'd, low-cut.
laith, hath.
lane, alone; joined with pro­nouns, as, my lane, his lane, her lane, their lane, myself alone, #c.
lang, to think, originally, to seem long, then to be weary, feel ennui.
lapande, lapping.
lappered, coagulated, clotted.
lat, latten, let.
lauchters, lochs.
laverock, lark.
leal, loyal, chaste.
leccam, body.
lede, lead.
lee, lie.
leesome, pleasant, sweet.
leffe, 22, leave f
lere, lore, doctrine; learn.
les, lesyng, lying, lie.
lesse and more, smaller and greater.
lett, lette, hinder, hinderance; delay; withouten lette, for a certainty.
leuedys, ladies.
lener, liefer, rather.
leuje, laughed.
leven, 111, lawn.
levin, lightning.
ley-land, lea-land, not ploughed.
licht, light.
liohted, lighted.
lift, air.
likes, dead bodies.
lingoam, 148, body, = leccam ?
linger, longer.
link, walk briskly; arm in arm.
lire, face, countenance.
lith, 275, supple, limber.
lithe, listen.
lodlye, loathly.
loffe, love.
loof, hollow of the hand.
loot, bow.
loot, let.
loun, loon.
louted, bowed.
lown, lone.
lowjhe, laughed, smiled.
luifsomely, lovingly.
luppen, leapt.
lygge, lay.
lyggande, lying.
lyle, little.
lystnys, listen.
lyth, member, limb.
mae, more. maen, moan. maik, mate. makane, making. mane, moan. mansworn, perjured. marrow, mate. maste, most, greatest. maun, must. mannna, may not. mawys, mavis, singing thrush. may, maid.
medill-erthe, earth, the upper-world.