Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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be peculiarly favorable for intercourse with the invisi­ble world, all fairies, witch­es, and ghosts being then abroad.
hals, halse, neck ; halsed, greeted.
haly, holy.
hame, home.
hap, cover.
harde, heard.
harns, brains; harn-pan, skull.
hate, hat.
hat, hit.
haud, hold.
haved, had.
heal, conceal.
heathennest, heathynesse, 234, heathendom.
hegehen, eyes.
hegh, high; heghere, higher.
hem, (hem.
hende, handsome, gentle.
hent, took.
herbere, arbor, orchard.
herme, harm.
hethyn, 107, hence.
hett, bid.
heved, head.
hi, 275, /.
high-coll'd, high-cut.
hind, gentle.
hind, 180, stripling.
him lane, alone.
hingers, hangings.
hirn, corner.
hith, hight, is called.
hollen, holly.
hore, hoar, hoary.
hose, 238, clasp.
howkit, dug.
howm, holm; level, low ground on the bank of a stream.
hunt's-ha', hunting-lodge.
hye, in, in haste; 23, perhaps aloud.
hyghte, bid; was called.
hynde, youth, stripling, swain.
hyje, in, 20, in haste, of a sud­den.
ic, 1.
iknow, known.
ilka, each.
ilke, same.
inow^e, enough.
intill, into, upon.
iralle, 99. Qu. rialle, royal t
jawes, 227, dashes; jawp'd,
257, dashed, spattered. jelly, jolly, pleasant. jimp, slender, neat. jolly, pretty, gay.
kaim, comb.
kane, rent.
karp, talk, relate stories.
kemb, comb.
ken, know.
keppit, caught, kept.
kevels, lots.
kiest, cast.
kilted, tucked.
kin', kind of.
kindly, 236, "goodold" ?
kirk, church.
kist, chest.