Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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dere, harm.
derne, secret.
des, dese, dais, elevated plat­form.
devyse, direction.
deynteous, dainty.
dight, 225, placed, involved.
dight (corn), winnow.
dinne, 12, trouble, circum­stance.
distans, 23, dissension, strife.
done, do.
doo, dove.
doubt, dout, fear.
dought, could, might; 112, may, am able.
dow, could.
dowie, mournful, doleful.
dree, suffer.
drest, arranged.
drumlie, troubled, gloomy.
dryssynge, dressing.
dule, sorrow, trouble.
dullfull, doleful.
dyght, dygzht, adorned, ar­rayed, dressed,
ear, soon, early.
eerie, eiry, fearful, producing
superstitious dread, eghne, eyes. eglis, eagle's. elde, eldren, old. Elfin, 262, 'Elf-land. elriteh, elvish. endres-daye, 98, past-day t
other day f See Halliwell's
Dictionary. "Of my fortune, how it ferde,
This endir day, as y forth ferde." erdelik, 275, earthly. (Finlay,
"clidelik.") erlish, elvish. esk, newt.
etin (Danish jette), giant. even cloth, 113, fine cloth? everlk, every. everyohon, every one.
faem, foam.
faine, desire.
faine, glad.
fairest, forest.
fand, found.
fare, go.
farer, further.
fawte, want.
fayrse, fierce.
feat, neat, dexterous, nimble.
fee, 100, animals, deer; 107, rent, tribute.
feed, same as food, fud, crea­ture, man, woman, or child.
feires, companions, mates.
fele, many.
fell, hill, moor.
ferli, 275, fairly t
ferlie, ferly, wonder.
ferlich, wondrous.
fernie, covered with fern.
fet, fette, fetched.
fethill, fiddle.
fforthi, therefore.
fifthen, fifth.
fil, feU.
first ane, first.
firth, (frith,) wood.