Child's, The English And Scottish Ballads

Volume 1 of 8 from 1860 edition

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begane, bedecked.
begynne the bord, sit at the head of the table.
ben, in.
ben, prompt, ready.
bent, plain, field, (from the coarse grass growing on open lands); bentis, bents, coarse grass.
beryde, 98, cried, made a noise.
bese, will or shall be.
best man, bride's, 85, brides­man, (corresponding to the best maid, or bridesmaid).
bestedde, circumstanced.
bi, be.
bierly, 148, proper, becoming, comfortable.
bigg, build.
biliye, quickly.
Billy Blind, or Billy Blin, a Broionie, or domestic fairy.
binkes, benches.
bird, lady.
birk, birch.
birled, 211, poured out drink, or drunk.
blae, livid.
blee, color, complexion.
blewe, 99, sounded a horn.
blin, blyn, stop, cease.
bogle, spectre, goblin.
bone, boon.
boome, 287. Qy. goome, man P
bord, table.
borrow, stand surety for, ran­som, rescue.
bouir, chamber, dwelling.
boun, boon.
boun, ready; make ye boun, 289, boun, 187, go straight­way.
bourdes, jests.
boure, bower, chamber.
bouted, bolted.
bown, ready, ready to go.
bowrd, jest.
brade, broad.
brae, hill-side.
brast, burst.
brayd, started, turned.
braw, brave, fine.
bree, brow.
brening, burning.
brent, burnt.
brether, 26, brethren.
bricht, bright.
brimes, waters.
britled, 15, brittened, 106, cut up, carved.
brok, brook.
broom-cow, bush of broom.
brook, enjoy, preserve.
brues, brows.
brunt, burnt.
bryste, burst.
bue, 234, 235, fair t
bugyle, horn.
bunge, 239 ?
buntin, bnntlin, blackbird; al. wood-lark.
burd, maid, lady.
burd-alane, alone.
Burlow-beanie, 241, name of a fiend or spirit.
burn, brook.
busk, dress, make ready.