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Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven

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Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven


             G                            D               D7                     G

1. In a cold and cheerless garret, in a room so dim, so lone,

                      G7      C                           D                   G

    in a frosty wintry silence there was heard a little moan.

               G                 D                     D7              G

    And a little child is asking at the break of the day :

                              G7          C                        D                      G

    “Will the roses bloom in heaven, tell me, mama, tell me, pray !”


              G                       D                         D7                  G

Will the roses bloom in heaven, are there any gardens there,

            G7           C              D                            G

any violets and clover, way up with the angels fair ?

                G                        D                        D7                   G

Will the branches fill with blossoms and in winter fill with snow ?

                          G7         C                           D                 G

Will the roses bloom in heaven ? Tell me, mama, e'er I go.


+ G - D - D7 - G    


                    G                              D                    D7                          G

2. Now the room grows light and lighter, everything has caught a glow,

                                    G7         C                     D                                G

    Heaven seems to stretch about her while dream faces come and go.

                        G                             D            D7                  G

    Then she whispered,” Birds are singing Psalms of melody,

                           G7        C                         D                      G

    and I see the roses blooming while the angels beckon me.”


        G                   D                       D7                         G

3. Then mother whispered, “In the land so bright and fair,

                               G7          C                          D                      G

    where the roses will be blooming, there will be no parting there.”

              G                   D                D7                        G

    Goodbye, my little darling, for death is lingering near,

                      G7    C                              D                        G

    and on the little pale face there was not one trace of fear.