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When silver threads are gold again

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When silver threads are gold again

        A                                   D

1. Darling, we are growing old

               A                              E

    and show the silver in our hair,

                    A                                    D

    sands of time have stolen all the gold

              E                                        A

    that made your youthful tresses fair.


             E                                   A

    But years can never steal away,

        E                                      A

    a love that never can grow old.

         A                                     D

    What care we for tresses gray,

              E                                      A

    since love will always keep its gold.


       A                                 D

2. Love, I'll tell you with a kiss,

          A                                                 E

    if heaven gives back the youth we miss.

              A                                D

    Your face will be no fairer then,

               E                                     A

    when silver threads are gold again.       + A - D - E - A


       A                              D

3. Darling, I can read today,

              A                                      E

    the question in your thoughtful eyes,

              A                            D

    you wonder if I wish for May,

           E                                     A

    beneath this frosty Autumn sky.


      E                                     A

    Love of mine, be sure of this,

           E                                    A

    for me, no face could be so fair

              A                                 D

    than this one that I stoop to kiss,


           E                                   A

    beneath its crown of silver hair.       + A - D - E - A


       A                                     D

4. Darlin', with your hand in mine,

             A                                         E

    we'll journey all life's pathway through,

             A                                           D

    with happy tears your dear eyes shine

              E                                       A

    like deep blue blossoms in the dew.


                 E                                   A

    These sorrows of the passing years

                E                                      A

    have made us love each other more.

             A                               D

    And every day that disappears,

        E                                     A

    I count you dearer than before.


       A                                D

5. Love, I'll tell you with a kiss,

          A                                                E

    if Heav’n gives back the youth we miss,

             A                                 D

    your face will be no fairer then,

               E                                     A

    when silver threads are gold again.

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