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We Will March Through The Streets Of The Cityt

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We Will March Through The Streets Of The City

Intro: Carter pick Chorus

We will(D) march through the streets of the (G)city

With our (D)loved ones gone (A)before

We will(D) sit on the banks of the(G) river

Where we'll(D) meet to (A)part no(D) more


Verse 1:
Jesus(D) caused me when a(G) stranger

Wandering (D)from the fold of (A)God

He to(D)rescue me from(G) danger

And (D)transported (A)by His(D) blood

From that(D) fount of ever(G)lasting

To thy(D) heart to sing God's(A) praise

Dreams of(D) mercy never(G) ceasing

All through (D)songs of(A) loudest(D) praise

Repeat Chorus

Carter Pick Chorus

Verse 3:
Hark the (D)voice of Jesus(G) calling

Who will(D) go and work(A) today

Fields are(D) white and harvest is(G) waiting

Who will(D) bear the(A) sheaves(D) away

Yes, we will march....chrorus

Thanks to Terry Smith (GA USA) for this transcription.