Carter Family Song Lyrics & Chords:
I'll Be Home Someday

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I'll Be Home Someday

D - A - D

I was [D]standing by the bedside [A]of a [D]neighbor

Who was just about to cross the swelling [A]tide

I [D]asked if she would do [A]me a [D]favor

Just take a message to the [A]other [D]side

+ D - A - D

If you see my savior tell Him that you saw me

When you saw me I was on my way

You may meet some old friends who may ask about me

Just tell them I'll be be home some day

D - A    - D - A - D

Now you'll have to take this journey on without me

It's a debt that soon or later must be paid

If you see my savior dont forget to tell Him

Dont forget to tell him what I say

D - A    - D - A - D

You may chance to see my father or my mother

Or some friends who have gone before

You may chance to see my sister or my brother

But try to see my savior first of all

Thanks to William Whitaker for the following additional info on this song:

I was looking up the music of this song you have posted on your site under the title, "I'll Be Home Someday",   It appears you have also cited the author/composer as "The Carter Family".  Well, as it turns out, the song title and author ARE known and available.  A little research bears this out.  The factual info on the song is as follows: "If You See My Savior, Tell Him You Saw Me", written and composed by Thomas Dorsey in approximately 1929 Many are of the impression Anne Murray (and others) wrote the song.  This is in error.  She rearranged the lyrics and sang the song, but she did not write and compose it.
I saw this error on your site during my research, and I thought you might wish to do the right thing and correct it.