Carter Family Song Lyrics & Chords:
Home By The Sea

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Home By The Sea


E  - A - E        - E - A - E - B7 - E



1. There's a lonely cottage by the sea side,

                       A                                 E

    where the water lilies strew the shore,


    it was there I passed my happy childhood


    with a loved one that's gone before.


           E                          E7                                 A                  E

Then give me back my dear old home, that old home by the sea,

                            A        E

and I never will wander far away,

                                 B7                      E

from my home, my dear old cottage home.


     E - A - E - B7 - E         +  E  - A - E        - E - A - E - B7 - E

+ (Yodeling…          )



2. Many years have passed since there I wandered,

                 A                                       E

    but the old cot ne'er has been forgot,


    and my heart in fancy oft returns to that dear old familiar spot.


                         E - A - E - B7 - E      +  E  - A - E    - E - A - E - B7 - E

+ CHORUS + (Yodeling…          )



3. Yes, my heart is like the humming sea shell

            A                                           E

    that tells of its birth where e'er it roams,


    I will sing of my cottage by the sea shore


    of my home my dear old cottage home.     + CHORUS


Recorded  6/17/33 Camden, NJ