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Evening Bells Are Ringing

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Evening Bells Are Ringing

capo 3rd

1. Moonlight shining over Dixie
                 A                   A7
    to my heart will ever bring
                         D                   G
    dreams of snowy fields of cotton
                  A                        D
    everywhere the darkies sing.
           G                         D                A                       A7
In the evening by the moonlight in dear old Tennessee,
              D                         G                           A                   D
and the evening bells are ringing across the hills so tenderly.

2. Moonlight makes me sigh for you, dear,
                      A                         A7
    makes me long to hold your hand.
                       D                          G
    I know I'm missing hugs and kisses,
              A                   D
    far away from Dixieland.   + CHORUS

3. My darling come, come, I am waiting,
                          A                    A7
    come let me hold you very near,
                         D                           G
    we'll build a bower among the flowers
                   A                  D
    growing down in Dixieland.   + CHORUS