Carter Family Song Lyrics & Chords:
Crying Holy to the lord

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On the rock where Moses stood


           G                                       C                   G

1. Crying holy unto the Lord, crying holy unto the Lord.

          G    D   G                    G     D     G

    Oh in that day when the bells don't toll,

                    - D                    G

    crying unto the Lord.



Crying holy unto the Lord,  holy unto the Lord,

            C                             G

crying holy unto the Lord, holy unto the Lord.

      G  D   G        G   D    G

Oh if    I  could I surely would

                                        D                            G

stand on that rock with God where Moses stood.


+ instrumental = CHORUS


                  G                                        C                  G

2. Sinners run unto the Lord, sinners run unto the Lord,

              G         D     G         G D       G

    now please don't let this parable pass

                    - D                      G

    and lose         your soul at last.  


+ CHORUS     + instrumental = CHORUS


                 G                                       C                   G

3. Crying holy unto the Lord, crying holy unto the Lord,

             G             D      G                     G     D             G

    see four and twenty elders, bowing all around the alter,

                        - D                   G

    crying, " unto the Lord."   


+ CHORUS      + repeat CHORUS  (lines 1 & 2 as instrumental)