Carter Family Song Lyrics & Chords:
Answer to Weeping Willow

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Answer to Weeping Willow

  D - G - D - A         - D - G - D - A - D

My [D]love is dead and [G]buried yonder

Be[D]neath the weeping willow [A]tree

What wrecks my life and makes me wonder

Is be[D]cause she [A]died for [D]me


    Then [D]lay me down in [G]death beside her

    For she's [D]all this life to [A] me

    That [D]I may join and [G]e'er caress her

    In a [D]land be[A]yond the [D]sea

+ D - G - D - A         - D - G - D - A - D

Yes she died before I told her

That I loved her true and kind

And that I did not mean to fool her

But she left me to repine

+ CHORUS      + D - G - D - A         - D - G - D - A - D

God shall I ever get forgiveness

For the deeds that I have done

And meet up yonder her sweet charming

For I know she did me some



(orig. = capo 3rd)