Carter Family Songs With Chords
The Homestead On The Farm

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The Homestead On The Farm

Well, I [G] won-der how the [C] old folks are at [G] home
Well, I won-der if they [G7] miss me when I'm [C] gone
I won-der if they pray , for their [G] boy who went a- [E7] way
And [A7] left his dear old par-ents all a-[D7] lone...

You could [G] hear the cat-tle [C] low-ing in the [G] lane,
You could al-most see the [G7] fields of blue-grass [C] green.
You could al-most hear them cry, as they [G] kis-sed their boy good- [E7] bye,
I [A7] won-der how the [D7] old folks are at [G] home.
Just a [G]vill-age and a [C] home-stead on the [G] farm,
And a mot-her's love to [G7] shield you from all [C] harm;
A mot-her's love so true, and a [G] sweet-heart brave and [E7] true,
A [A7] vill-age and a home-stead on the [D7] farm....

Recorded 11/22/29 Atlanta, Ga
                 5/10/35 New York, NY

Transcribers notes:

These are from the Columbia album CL1664, Flatt & Scruggs, Songs Of The Famous Carter Family, from 1961. Mother Maybelle Carter played autoharp on this album, and Earl played a lot of guitar solos on Maybelle's old arch-top. I learned a lot of my guitar flatpicking from albums like these.....all of which I still have. ( It's why I make sure to keep a turntable machine in these days of CD's & MP3's) Earl did play banjo on this first one : (Note the italicized E7 chord is a "bluegrass picker's" chord, with notes by lead banjo, guitar or dobro, usually omitted by rhythm instruments, who continue in G at this point...upright bass players play an E triad.)

Mike Robertson, Meaford,Ontario,Canada