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Gathering flowers from the hillside

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Gathering flowers from the hillside


                D                                        G

I’ve been gathering flowers from the hillside

        D                             A

to wreath around your brow,

                   D                             G

but you’ve kept me a-waitin’ so long, dear,

        D                 A                  D

the flowers have all withered now.


+ D - G - D - A     - D - G - D - A - D


          D                                     G

1. I know that you have seen trouble,

            D                                   A

    but never hang down your head,

             D                                 G

    your love for me is like the flowers,

             D          A         D

    your love for me is dead.    + CHORUS  


               D                              G                

2. It was on one bright June morning,

           D                      A

    the roses were in bloom,

          D                         G                 

    I shot and killed my darling,

               D         A          D

    and what will be my doom?   + CHORUS   + D - G - D - A - D


                 D                                  G

3. Closed eyes cannot see these roses,

                 D                                               A

    closed hands cannot hold them, you know,

                      D                             G

    and these lips that still cannot kiss me

             D              A                 D

    has gone from me forever more.        + CHORUS



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