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Dark Haired True Lover

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Dark Haired True Lover

*intro same as verse same as chorus
1/3 time (like a waltz) 
Fx4 Cx2 Fx2 Bx2 Fx2 Cx2 Fx2
I [F]once had a dark haired true lover
She was [C] all this world to [F] me
She [B] promised herself to [F]another
Now [C] don't you think this was [F] mean

   Take [F] back every word you have spoken
   Let it [C] be as though we never [F] met
   For [B] tonight I'm a poor boy heart-[F]-broken
   I'll for-[C]-give but I'll never for-[F]-get

I was young when I wrote my first letter
I blotted the lines with tears
But now I am old, I know better
We've parted for many long years


Oh, Ruth, Oh, Ruth, how I love you
You just seemed to me like a bird
Although you went back on your promise
Although you went back on your word

We parted in the month of September
Some says we parted for life
But I hope some day or another
I'll call you my sweet darling wife


I wish I had someone to love me
Someone to call me their own
For I'm out in this wide world a-wandering
I'm tired of living alone