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518                                     GLOSSARY
trowth, in truth.
tryste, an engagement to meet at a particular place, an appointment; a cattle-market.
trysted, trusted, engaged to meet.
twa, twae, two.
'twad, it would.
twa-fauld, twofold; bent in double.
twal-hundred, linen of 1200 divi­sions, not so fine as that of 1700.
Tyesday, Tuesday.
tyke, a mongrel dog; a rough un­cultured person.
unoo, strange, not allied, alien.
ucfauld, to unfold.
usque or usgie, Celt, for water =
whisky; usquebah = water of life
or whisky.
vera, very.
vittle, victuals, food.
vogie, vain, proud.
wa', a wall; at the wa', in desperate circumstances.
wab, a web.
wabster, a weaver.
wad, would.
wadset, a pledge, a mortgage.
waefu', woeful 1
wair'd, worn.
wale, the choice; to choose, to select.
walie, ample, large.
wallop, to dangle, to move quickly.
waly, an interjection of distress.
wan, won ; pale, dark-coloured.
wap, to wrap, to envelop, to cover.
warlock, a wizard, one familiar with the devil.
warlock-knowe, a knoll reputed to be haunted.
warly, worldly.
warpin-wheel, a part of the spinning-wheel.
warsle, warstle, to wrestle.
wat, wet; to wot.
waught, a long drink.
wauk, to wake.
waukens, wakens.
waukrife, sleepless, in a light sleep.
waur, worse.
wean, a child.
weapon-shaw, an exhibition of arms; lit. showing the weapons.
wee, small, little; a short time.
weel, well.
weel-faured, well-favoured.
weel-stockit, well-stocked.
weet, wet.
westlin, westerly.
wha's, who is.
whan, when.
whar, whare, whaur, where.
what reck, what matter.
whaup, a curlew.
whiles, sometimes.
whirrin, the sound" produced by the wings of a flying bird.
whiskin, sweeping, lashing.
whittle, a knife; to cut.
wi', with.
widdifu', peevish, angry; worthy of the gallows.
wight, a sturdy person.
wighter, stronger.
wil'd, wyl'd, enticed, artfully cap­tured.
wImple, a winding or folding.
wImpling, winding, meandering (of a course).
wi'm, with him.
winna, will not.
winnins, means, earnings.
wi't, with it.
witha', with all.
won, to win, to dwell; to dry by ex­posure to the air.
wonn'd, lived, dwelt; garnered.
wons, dwells, lives.
woo', wool.
woodie, dim. of wud.
wrack, to vex, to trouble, to con­tradict.
wud, a wood; mad, distracted, out­rageous.
wylin, enticing, wheedling, beguiling.
wyte, the blame; to blame.
yaud, an old mare, yerd, a yard, an enclosure, yerl, an earl, ye'se, ye shall.
yestreen, last evening or night, yett, a gate.
yeuks, the itch ; a kind of eczema, yill, ale.
yird, earth, the soil, yon, yonder, over there; used equiv. 'yont, beyond. I yowe, a ewe.