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GLOSSARY                                517
stoiter'd, staggered, staggering in walk.
stoor, stoure, flying dust, used fig.
stot, a bull or ox three years old.
stoun, a sudden pang.
stoup, a vessel for holding liquid.
stourie, dusty.
stown, stolen.
stownlins, by stealth, clandestinely.
stoyt, to stagger.
straik, a stroke; to stroke.
strak, struck, did strike.
strappin, tall and handsome.
strathspey, a reel (which see) de­riving its name from the valley of the Spey. The music with the title first appears in a Collection, c. 1780. It is danced slower than the reel, but the motion is more jerky. The music is a series of alternate dotted quavers and semiquavers, whilst a reel usually consists of equal notes.
straught, straight; stretched.
strunt, strong drink; to swagger.
stumpie, curtailed, mutilated.
stumps, legs and feet.
sturt, trouble, strife ; to molest.
sud, should.
dune, soon.
swapped, exchanged.
swarf, to swoon.
swat, sweated.
swats, new light foaming ale.
swith, get away!
swoor, swore.
syne, since, then, ago, afterwards, late as opposed to soon. See p. 435.
tae, the toe.
tae'd, having toes or forks.
taed, the toad.
taeu, taken.
tak, to take.
tane, the one.
tappit-hen, a large round bottle for holding whisky.
tapsalteerie, topsy-turvy.
tassle, a glass, a goblet.
tauld, told.
teethin, teething.
temper-pin, the wooden pin for regu­lating the motion of a spinning-wheel.
tent, to take heed or care for.
tentie, careful, attentive.
tentless, careless, heedless.
teugh, tough.
teuk, took.
thae, those.
thairrns, catgut fiddle-strings.
theekit, thatched, covered.
thegither, together.
thir, these.
thirl'd, thrilled, vibrated; enslaved.
thole, to endure.
thowe, a thaw; to thaw.
thraw, to oppose, to resist.
thrawin-brow, cross-grained, per­verse.
thraws, death-pangs, last agonies.
threesome, a trio.
thretty, thirty.
thripplin - kame. See ripplin-kame.
thrums, the sound of a spinning-wheel in motion ; ends of threads.
thuds, blows, sounding knocks.
Tibbie, Elizabeth.
till, until.
till't, unto it; tilled.
timmer, timber ; a timmer - tun'd person is one devoid of musical perception, or who sings out of tune.
tine, tyne, to lose.
tinkler, a tinker.
tint, lost.
tirl, ti'rl'd, to knock, to rattle, rat­tled ; tirl'd at the pin, rattled the door-latch.
tither, the other.
tocher, marriage portion; to endow.
tocher-band, the marriage contract.
tod, a fox.
to-fa', the fall of the year; a lean-to building against a house, a refuge.
toom, toom'd, empty, to empty; emptied.
toop, tup, a ram.
toss, a toast, a fashionable beauty.
toun, a farm enclosure.
tours, turf.
tousie, rough, shaggy.
tow, flax; a rope.
towmond, twelve months.
towsing, teasing, romping, ruffling.
tozie, flushed with liquor; crapulous.
trews, trousers, breeches.
trig, neat, spruce.
trinklin, trinkling, dropping.
troggin, small wares, a pedlar's stock-in-trade.
trowse, trousers.
trow't, believed.