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shaw, a wood; to show, shellin-hill, the hill or eminence where grain was dried and husked by the wind. Sherra-mpor, Sheriffmuir. sheugh, a ditch, a trench; the seed-furrow, sheuk, shook, did shake. shiel, a shelter, a hut. shill, shrill.
shool, a shovel; to shovel, shooling, shovelling, shoon, shoes, shore, shor'd, to offer; to threaten;
offered, short syne, a little time ago. shouther, the shoulder, shure, sheared, did shear-. shute, to shoot, sie, such.
sicoan, such kind of. siller, silver, money, wealth, eilly, frail, in delicate health j harm­less, simmer, summer. sin', since, sinny, sunny, sinsyne, since then, skail, to spill, to pour. sk9igh, skittish, mettlesome.
skelp, skelpin, to slap, to smack, to trounce; a smack, smacking.
skelpit, trounced; hastened, ran quickly.
skirl, a piercing sound ; to shriek.
sklent, a slanting devious course.
skyte, to squirt, to glide, to skate.
slade, slid.
slap, a field gate; a broken fence.
slee, sly.
slidd'ry, slippery.
sma', small.
smack, a sounding kiss; to slap.
smoor, smoor'd, to smother; smothered.
snapper, to stumble; to fail in moral conduct.
snawdrap, the snowdrop.
snell, keen, sharp, biting.
snirtle, to snigger.
snood, a ribbon or fillet round the head, worn by maidens.
snooded, of hair in ribbons.
snool, to snub.
snufT't, snuffed, repressed, extin­guished.
sojer, sodger, a soldier.
sonsy (from sons, plenty), pleasant,
comfortable, comely, sorn, to take bed and board without
payment. soudie, sowdy, a gross heavy person, sough, south, a sigh; to hum or
whistle softly; the sighing noise of
wind or water. souk, to suck; a draught (of liquor). soun', sound.
souter or sowter, a shoemaker, sowther, to solder, to cement, spak, spoke, did speak, spavie, the spavin, speet, to spit, to Impale, spell, to narrate, to discourse, spier, to ask, to inquire, splore, to boast; a ramble; a revel,
partaking of horse-play, spontoon, a half pike or halberd
discarded in the British army in
1787. spring, a quick and cheerful tune,
a dance, sprush, spruce, dressed up. spulzie, plunder; to despoil or rob. spunk, spirit, fire, energy; a splint
of wood tipped with sulphur, spunkie, spirited, stack, stuck, remained, staig, a young horse under three
years, staincher, an iron or other post, stammer, to stutter, stan', stand, stanced, stationed. stanchel-fitted, stiff in the feet or
ankles (?1. stang, stung; a sting. Hiding the
stang: a man who beat his wife or
who was an Impotent bridegroom
was set astride a long pole and
carried shoulder-high through the
town by his fellows as a mark of
infamy. stank, a pool of standing water. staukin, stalking, marching, staw, a stall; did steal; .surfeited, steek, a stitch, to stitch; to shut, to
close, steel-waimit, a misshapen paunch, steer, to stir, to rouse, to remove, sten, a spring, a leap, to rear as
a horse, stickit, stuck, stopped, stirk, a heifer or bullock between
one and two years old.