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mae, more.
mailen, mailin, a farm, holding,
rent j the outfit for a bride, mair, more, maist, most. mak, to make. Malvosie, Malmsey wine, mantie, a mantle, a lady's cloak, maskin-pat, a tea-pot, a still. maukin, a hare; a slattern, a term of
abuse, maun, mast. maunna, must not. maut, malt, liquor, mavis, the thrush, mawin, mowing.
mawn, a basket or hamper; mown, may, a maid.
meikle, muckle, much, great, large, mell, to mix, to mingle, to have in­tercourse with. men', to mend.
menzie, retainers, followers, men. merle, a blackbird, midden, a dunghill, midden-creels, manure baskets car­ried on the back.
milkin-shiel, the milking-shed.
mim-mou'd, said of one who speaks affectedly.
min', mind, remembrance; to re­collect.
mindna, to mind not, to forget.
minnie, minny, mother.
mirk, gloomy, dark; darkness.
mirkest, gloomiest, darkest.
mistak, mistake.
mitten'd, covered, gloved.
monie, mony, many.
moop, to mump, to nibble as a sheep.
morn, the next day, to-morrow.
mou', the mouth.
moudiewart, the mole.
muck, manure.
muckin, cleansing the stable or cow­house.
muckle. See meikle.
muir, moorland, a fell.
multure or mouter, the portion re­tained by the miller for grinding the com.
Mysie, Mary.
na, nae, no, not, but, than, naebody, nobody, no one. naig, a nag. naigie, a small riding-horse.
naur, near to, close to.
neb, the nose, a beak.
nebbit, shaped like a bird's bill.
neibor, a neighbour.
neist, niest, next, nearest.
neives, nieves, the fists, the closed
hands, neuk, a nook, a corner, nicher, to neigh; the call of a mare
to her foal, night-fa', nightfall, twilight. nipt, pinched, shrivelled, nit, a nut. no, not.
nocht, nothing, no more, norland, northland. nowt, cattle, nolt.
o', of.
Ochils, the mountain range dividing Perthshire from Clackmannan.
o'erlay, a blouse, a smock.
o'erword, a refrain, a chorus.
onie, ony, any.
or, ere, before.
orra, extra, superfluous.
o's, of his, of us.
o't, of it.
oursels, ourselves.
outshin'd, shin-bones turned out­wards.
outwittens, without the knowledge of.
owre, over.
omen, oxen.
oxter, the armpit.
paction, an agreement, an arrange­ment.
paidle, to paddle.
painch, the paunch.
paineh-lippet, thick-lipped.
paitrick, a partridge.
parishen, the parish.
parle, speech.
parley, a truce, a conference.
pat, a pot; did put, ejected.
paukie, pawkie, sly, artful, knowing.
peat-creel, a .basket for carrying dried bog turf for fuel.
psehan, the stomach.
pechin, out of breath, panting.
pendles, earrings.
penny-fee, wages, income.
Phemie, Euphemia.
philibeg, the kilt or Highlander's short dress.