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dram, a portion of whisky.
drants, tedious talk, long whining prayers.
drap, drappie, a drop; a small por­tion of liquor.
dree, to dread, to suffer, to endure.
dreigh, long and uninteresting, long-winded.
driddle, to move slowly; more action than motion.
drone, the monotonous pipe of the bagpipe ; a prosy person.
drouk, to wet, to soak.
droukit, soaked, wet through.
drouth, drought.
drouthie, verythirsty; always thirsty.
drumlie, drumly, muddy, dis­coloured.
dry, thirsty.
duddie, ragged.
duds, duddies, ragged clothes.
dun, to stun with a great noise; a brown colour.
dune, done.
dung, knocked or pushed, about.
dunts, blows; wounds caused by a blow.
dwalt, dwelt.
dyke, a wall of undressed stones without mortar.
dyvor, a bankrupt, a rascal, a ne'er-do-well.
e'e, eye.
een, eyes.
e'en, even, even so, just so.
e'en, e'enin, evening, the eve of a feast.
eerie, sad, weird, ghostly; in fear of future misfortune, feeling super­stitious fear.
eild, old age.
eke, also.
Slier, an elder of the kirk.
en', end.
eneugh, enough.
enfauld, infold, to encompass.
ether-stana, the adder-stone; an amulet.
fa', a fall, autumn; to fall.
fa', portion, lot.
faen, faun, fell, has fallen.
fain, fond, desirous.
fair-fa', good luck, welcome.
fand, found.
faught, worry, fight, trouble.
fauld, a fold; to'fold.
faulding, folding; a sheepfold or farm enclosure.
fause, false.
faut, a fault.
fautless, faultless.
fautor, a defaulter, a transgressor.
fechtin, fighting.
feck, the most or greater part.
feoket, a sleeved waistcoat.
feckless, feeble, wanting resource.
fell, keen, biting, fierce, cruel, relent­less.
fell, a tableland mountain.
fen, a shift; to get along.
ferlie, ferly, wonder, marvel, surprise,
fey, fated, doomed^ predestined.
fldge, to be restless, to be uneasy.
fidgin-fain, to be restless with eager­ness.
fiel. comfortable, cosy, clean, neat.
flent, fiend, a petty oath.
fient a hair, not hi the least.
flent-ma-eare, no matter.
fler, sound, healthy.
flere, feire, friend, companion, com­rade.
flerie, feirie, clever, active, nimble, vigorous, mettlesome.
flllabeg, the short kilt worn by the Highlanders.
fit, the foot.
flae, a flea.
flang, flung.
flee, to fly.
fleech'd, coaxed, cajoled, wheedled.
fley, fley'd, to frighten; frightened, scared.
flie, a fly; to fly. '
flittering, fluttering.
flyte, to scold.
fock, folk.
foor, went, fared.
forby, besides.
forgather, to meet, to assemble accidentally.
forgie, to forgive,
fou, fow, fall; not sober, drunk.
foumart, the polecat.
foursome, a quartette.
fouth, abundance, plenty; numerous.
frae, from.
fremit, strange, foreign, unrelated.
frewch, brittle.
frien, a friend.
fu', full.
fu'-han't, full-handed.