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oompleenin, complaining.
coof, cuif, a blockhead, a dolt.
cool'd in her linens, laid in her shroud.
coor, to cover, to duck down.
coost, to cast, to throw.
coot, the water-hen. Coots, hoofs.
cootie, rough-legged; a small dish.
core, a chorus, a convivial company.
oorn-mou', a stack of corn; where the corn is stacked.
corse, a corpse.
countra. country.
coup, to capsize; head over heels.
cour, to crouch, to duck down.
couthie, couthy, kind, pleasant, affectionate.
eowts, a colt.
crack, conversation ; to converse.
craft-rig, a croft ridge ; used equiv.
craibit, crabbit, crabbed, fretful.
craig, a crag, a rock; the neck.
eraigie,the throat, the gullet; craggy.
craik, the landrail; to croak.
eranreueh, hoar-frost.
crap,, a crop; the top.
craps, growing crops.
creel, an osier basket, a hamper; perplexity, confusion of mind.
oreepie-chair, the stool of repen­tance in the kirk.
cronie, an intimate, a companion.
crooded, croodl'd, cooed, mur­mured.
crooks, curvature of the neck or spine.
crouse, elated ; courageous, bold.
crow-die, oatmeal gruel made with water; breakfast-time.
cuddle, to caress, to embrace ; to lie close.
cummer (Fr. commere), a gossip; a midwife, a godmother, a hag.
curch, a kerchief; a woman's head-cover.
curchie, a curtsy; a head-dress.
cushat, the wild pigeon.
cut-luggit, crop-eared.
cutty, short, bob-tailed.
cutty-stool, a low stool. See creepie-
. chair.
daddy, father, an old person, daffln, folly, pastime, matrimonial
intercourse, daft, merry, giddy, daidlin, waddling; inactive or tardy.
daintie, pleasant, good-humoured,
dang, knocked over; pushed about,
surpassed. daunton, to intimidate, to terrify, to
depress, daur, to dare, daut, dawte, to caress, to pet, t&
fondle, dautie, a pet; term of affection, dautit, fondled, caressed, petted, daw, dawn. dawin, the dawning. dead, death.
deave, to deafen, to stun with noise, deil, the devil.
deil ma care, do not care a straw. delve, to dig. descriving, describing. deuk, a duck. diein, dying, dight, dighted, to wipe, wiped; to
clean corn from chaff. din, noise; to make a noise, ding, to overcome, to surpass. • dink, neatly, dainty; precise, proper, di12mont, a two-year-old male sheep, dinna," do not. dirl'd, thrilled, vibrated, dirt, a contemptuous term for money, dochter, daughter. doited, stupid, as in frail old age. donsie, self-Important, restive. doo, a dove; term of endearment. dool, sorrow; to lament, to moum. doolfu', doleful. douce, douse, steady, grave, gentle,
sedate. doudl't, dandled. dought, pret. of dow, to be able, to
possess strength. douk, doukit, to duck, ducked, doun, down. doup, the,bottom, dour, obstinate, sullen, .mentally
strong. dow, dowe, am able, dowf, pithless, wanting force, sad,
dismal, dowie, dull, sorrowful, down, low-lying land. downa, cannot; not able, downa-do's, listless,fatigued, unable, doxy, a paramour, doylt, stupid, crazed, hebetated, dozen, shrivelled, dried up. draigl't, soaked with mud or water.