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508                                 GLOSSARY
brawlie, in good health and cheerful.
brawnit, of a mixed red and brown colour, applied to cattle.
breekan, a horse-collar.
breeks, breeches.
brent, smooth, unwrinkled, high.
brie, the brow.
brier, the briar; to sprout.
brig, a bridge.
broo, broth, juice, liquor.
brose, raw oatmeal mixed with water.
browst, a brew; the consequence of one's own action.
brulzie, a broil, a quarrel.
buffet-stool, a low wooden stool set on a frame..
bught, a sheepfold.
bughtin time, the time when cattle are housed for the night.
bum, the buttocks; to hum.
burn, a small stream, a rivulet.
burnie, dim. of burn.
buskit, adorned, dressed,
buss, a bush.
but, except, unless, as well as.
but, the kitchen.
but and ben, the kitchen and par­lour ; backwards and forwards.
by, relating to, towards, beside, past, aside.
bye attour, besides, into the bargain.
byke, a beehive, a swarm, a crowd.
byre, a cow-house.
care na by, do not care.
car't na by, cared not at all.
carl, carle, a churl, a fellow, an old
man, a peasant, a clown, carlie, dim. of carl, carlin, carline, an old wrinkled
woman, a shrew. castocks, stem and pith of the cab­bage or colewort. caudron, a caldron, cauf, a calf, a silly and ridiculous
person. cauld, a cold, the cold shivers. cavie, a hen-coop, cess, to tax ; the land tax. chanler-chafted, lantem-jawed. chap, a person, a lover ; to rap. chappin, a quart pot; calling (the . landloid).
cheap, cheep, to chirp, to peep, chiel, chield, a young fellow. chittering, shivering. chuck, a hen, a chicken; a dear, claes, clothes.
• claith, claithing, cloth, clothing, clamb, climbed, elankie, a striking noise, a sounding
blow, elappin, patting gently. claught, clutched, elaughtin, clutching, grasping, claut, to clutch, to hold, to scrape, claver, clover; to talk nonsense. Clavers, idle talk, claw, to scratch, to thrash, claymore, a two-handed sword, deed, to clothe, to cover, eleek, to seize, to snatch. eleekit, hooked, seized. eleeks, cramp in the legs. clink, money ; to jingle, to rhyme. clinkin, a bell-like sound; abrupt
motion, cloot, a hoof; auld clootie, the
devil, clout, a patch; to patch, to repair, cloutin, patching, repairing, clouts, ragged clothes, cluds, clouds.
clue, a ball of worsted, cotton, &c. clunk, the hollow sound produced by
emptying a bottle hastily, cockets, ornamental head-gear, cod, a pillow, a cushion, coft, to buy. cog, coggie, a small wooden dish
without handles.
ca', to call, to knock, to drive, ca', a call, a whistle, a summons. caddie, oadie, a servant lad, a varlet. oaird, a tinker. cairn, a loose heap of stones, caller, fresh, bracing, healthy, callet, a drab, a dirty woman, trull. cam came, did come, can, a tin vessel, a dish of liquor, cankers, to be querulous, to grumble, cankert, bad-tempered, soured, cannie, canny, pleasant, cautious,
knowing, skilful. cannily, cannilie, softly, gently, cantie, canty, cheerful, merry, cap, caup, a small wooden dish with
a handle ; a quaich. capon, a castrated cock, capon-craws, crowing like a capon
(the capon was taken for an emblem
of stupidity), cardin, combing (wool, flax, &c).