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mdcclxxxvi. l2mo. pp.347. Inscribed to the Provost, Baillies, and Town Council of Perth. The first handbook of songs with music printed in Scotland. All preceding collections were 4to or folio size.
' The Scots Musical Museum, humbly dedicated to the Catch Club, insti­tuted at Edinr., June, 1771. By James Johnson. Vol. i. Price 6s. [vignette without border]. Edinburgh : Sold and subscriptions taken in by and for the publisher, N. Stewart, R. Bremner, Corn and Sutherland, R. Ross, Edinr. and all the music sellers in London..' Preface dated May 22, 1787. In the text Burns is named once.
Vol. ii. has the same title-page as that of vol. i. so far as the address at foot, which is altered to ' Edinburgh: Printed and sold by James Johnson, Engraver, Bells Wynd. Sold also by N. Stewart, R. Bremner, Corri and Sutherland, R. Ross, C. Elliot, W. Creech, J. Sibbald, Edinr.; A. McGowan and W. Gould, Glasgow; Boyd, Dumfries; More, Dundee; Sherriffs, Aberdeen ; Fisher and Atkinson, Newcastle; Massey, Manchester; C. Elliot, T. Kay & Co., No. 332 Strand; Longman and Broadrip, No. 26 Cheapside, London." Preface dated March 1, 1788. Burns is named once, and that in the Index.
Vol. I'll. Same title-page as vol. ii, except that the vignette has an orna­mental border surmounted by a thistle, and the address at foot is enlarged, ending with 'J. Preston, No. 97 Strand, London.' Preface dated February 2, 1790, ends with ' materials for the 4th and in all probability the last volume are in great forwardness.' In the Index Burns is marked as the author of six songs.
Vol. iI'll. has the same title-page as vol. I'll. with the ornamental vignette as above described, but with a changed address, which is' Edinr. Printed and sold by Johnson & Co., Music Sellers, head of Lady Stair's Close, Lawnmarket, where may be had variety of music and musical instruments lent out, Tnn'd and Re­paired.' Preface is dated August 13, 1792. In the Index Burns is.named as the author of six songs.
Vol. v. The title-page is throughout identical with that of vol. iI'll. as follows : ' The Scots Musical Museum humbly dedicated to the Catch Club instituted at Edinburgh, June 1771. By James Johnson. Vol. v. Price 6s. [Vignette with " an ornamented border surmounted by a thistle.] Edinr. Printed and sold by Johnson & Co., Music Sellers, head of Lady Stair's Close, Lawnmarket, where may be had variety of music and musical instruments lent out, Tun'd and Repaired.' Undated [Dec. 1796]. Preface undated. In the Index only Burns is named as .the author of fifteen songs, one of which, however, is not his.
Vol. vi. and last is titled as follows: ' The Scots Musical Museum in six volumes consisting of six hundred Scots Songs with proper Basses for the pianoforte, &c. Humbly dedicated to the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. By James Johnson. In this publication the original sImplicity of our ancient national airs is retained unincumbered with useless accompaniments and graces depriving the hearers of the sweet sImplicity of their native melodies. Vol. vi. Is. Printed and sold by Johnson, music seller, Edinburgh, to be had at T. Preston, 97 Strand, London; MacFadyen, Glasgow, and at all the principal music sellers.' Preface is dated June 4, 1803, and in the Index and Text Burns jj, is marked as the author of twenty-six songs^Each volume contains one |t hundred songs. On the completion of the worR in 1803 the title-pages of the preceding volumes were altered and made uniform with that of the sixth; the Prefaces were revised arid corrected; and under the titles in the Text of many of the songs of vols. ii. to v. were added : ' Written for this work by Robert
i Burns.' During his lifetime all. the songs of Burns in Johnson's Museum were published anonymously, except those marked in the Indexes referred to above. A complete set of the original issues is very rare, and hitherto difficult to recognize. During the long course of publication the title-pages of some of the early volumes were altered more than once.