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Black-letter Broadside Ballads Of The years 1595-1639

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8   You haue a Bastard at Brainford to nurse,
That weekly dost cost you two shillings thats worse: These things, sweet Iohn Iarret, will empty your purse.1 Besides, if you still perseuer this course, / tel you, &c.
9   You into ill company daily doe rome,
Whilst I and your children sit sighing at home, With brown bread and small drink I sit like a mome And sometimes at midnight you drunke in do come.1 / tell you, &c.
10 This is a hard world, and euery thing's deare, Sweet gentle Iohn Iarret, my counsell pray heare Before all be wasted, I pray haue a care. For if you doe hold this course one other yeere,2
/ tell you? Iohn I arret, you I breake,
I tell you, Iohn larret, you I breake.
11    YOu see how the Farmers doe hoord vp their graine,
No eare will they lend to the poore mens complaine, Although we should starue, these Curmuginswillgaine.1 They neuer thinke on vs, nor pitty our paine, I feare me, Iohn I arret, youyl breake, I feare me, Iohn Iarret, you I breake.
12   This is no world to borrow nor lend Nor (if you consider it) vainely to spend: Receiue this my counsell (good Iohn) as a friend, For if you pursue this vaine course to the end,
/ tell you, &c.
1 No period in the text.                    2 Text has a period.
339                                          Y2
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