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Black-letter Broadside Ballads Of The years 1595-1639

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10   They whipt the fourth man at a post,
vniustly without fault: And washt his bloody body ore,
with vineger and salt. And to the fifth like punishment, Though to no ill he gaue consent. Oh heauen looke downe, &c.
11    With water they stuft vp the sixth,
vntill his body swel'd: The seuenth likewise with twisted coard,
most barbarously compeld, To say our English friends were those, That were the townesmens greatest foes. Oh heauen looke downe, [&c.~\x
12   The eighth2 with burning pincers pul'd,
made challenge of the rest: Though most vntrue, to ease himselfe,
and so false things confest. So did the nynth by their pretence, Bring in most wrongfull euidence. Oh heauen looke downe, &c.
13   The tenth they hung vp by the armes
two foot aboue the ground: And so with scorching candles burn'd
his back and body round: With all the other parts about, Till drops of fat the lights put out. Oh heauen looke downe, &c.
14   The rest of these distressed soules,
were vsed in like sort: At which the cruell Gouernor, made his tormenting sport. Till nyneteene of our Englishmen, Felt more then common tortures then. Oh heauen looke downe, vpon poore innocent soules. 1 Text omits.                      2 Text eight.
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