Bluegrass Songs - Youll make our shack a mansion

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You'll make our shack a mansion

Since I've been gone my Mammy says the old place ain't the same
The old hound dog is growing old and old Dobbin's getting lame
She says the place needs happy shouts of a young and rowdy crew
And that is why I won't be shy when I say this speech to you

    Oh I'm waitin' lettle gal fot the time I'll win your hand
    Take you back where I was born down in old Dixie Land
    The old home place will brighten up, everything will be so gay
    You'll make our shach a mansion when I bring you home to stay

Well the folks will all be happy when we come up the lane
Pa and Ma and Grand Pap will be smiling once again
They'll be so glad to welcome us to the old place on the hill
Cause I know what kind of folks they like and you sure fill the bill

 * Refrain

Well you'll fit right in the circle around the old fire place
There'll be a look of pleasure on every smiling face
We'll be happier than the richest folk, won't worry night or day
You'll make our shack a mansion when I bring you home to stay

 * Refrain
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