Bluegrass Songs - White house blues

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White house blues

Look here, you rascal, what you've done
Shot down my husband with your lver-Johnson gun
Carry me back, to Washington

He jumped on his horse he pulled on his mane
Said come on horse hotta outrun this train
Buffalo to Washington

The doctor came a-running he took off his specs
Said Mr.Mckinley better cash in your checks
You've bound to die you're bound to die

There's just one thing that troubles my mind
And that is to die and leave my poor wife behind
I'm bound to die I'm bound to die

Now hush up you children and don't you fret
You'll draw a pension after your pappy's dead
I'll be gonna a long long time

Yonder comes a train it's coming down the line
Blowing at every station Mr.Mckinley a-dying
It's hard times, it's hard time

Well, Roosevelt's in the White house, he's doing his best
Mckinley's in the grave yard taking his rest
He's gone, he's gone
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