Bluegrass Songs - Twenty one years

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Twenty one years

The judge said stand up boy and boy dry up your tears
You're sentenced to Nashville for Twnenty one years
They took him to Nashvill to pay for his crime
Twenty one years boy is a mighty long time

A year went by slowly he wished he was dead
In the dirty old prison with the floor for a bed
The girl who he loved and dreamed of each night
He wrote her this letter saying why don't you wrote

I counted on you dear to give me a break
I guess you've forgotten, I'm here for your sake
You know who is guilty you know it too well
But I'll rot in this prison before I will tell

Come all you young follows with hearts so true
Don't believe any woman you're lost if you do
Don't trust any woman no matter what kind
For twenty one years dear is a mighty long time
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