Bluegrass Songs - Turkey in the straw

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Turkey in the straw

Well, I had an old hen and she had a wooden leg
Just the best old hen that ever laid an egg
Well, she laid more eggs than any hen on the farm
But another little drink wouldn't do her any harm

    Turkey in the hay, in the hay, hay, hay
    Turkey in the straw, in the straw ,straw, straw
    Pick 'em up, shake 'em up, any way at all
    And hit up a tune called Turkey in the straw

Well, I hitched up the wagon and I drove down the road
With a two horse wagon and a four horse load
Well cracked my whip and the lead horse sprung
And I said goodbye to the wagon tongue

 * Refrain

Well, if frogs had wings and snakes had hair
And automobiles went a flying thro' the air
Well if watermelons grew on a hucleberry vine
We'd have winter in the summer time

 * Refrain

Oh, I went out to milk and I didn't know how
I milked a goat instead of a cow
A monkey sitting on a pile of straw
A-winkin' his eyes at his mother in law

 * Refrain

Well, I come to the river and I couldn't get across
So I paid five dollars for an old blind horse
Well, he wouldn't go shead and he wouldn't stand still
So he went up and down like an old saw mill

 * Refrain

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