Bluegrass Songs - Till the end of the world rolls round

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Till the end of the world rolls round

    Till the end of the world rolls round, I'll keep on loving you
    And as long as the sun goes up it comes down
    Till the big sky comes down to the ground
    As long as the world goes round and round, I'll keep on loving you

I tried to sail the sea of life, I rowed my boat along
Your love meant nothing to me dear, my heart was made of stone
To a harbor filled with loneliness my little boat was moored
And then the day I first met you I fell right overboard

 * Refrain

Whenever you're around me dear me dear my heart just won't be still
And when it comes to kissing you I'll never get my fill
They said I'd never settle down, that I would always roam
What I could never be the type for loving wife and home

 * Refrain

So now I know the way I left was only selfish pride
I thought my heart was fireproof but you burned your way inside
So tell me what I've got to do and tell me how it stands
The cards are on the table dear my life is in you hands

 * Refrain
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