Bluegrass Songs - The lords last supper

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The lord's last supper

The Lord's last supper served in honor of our king
He knew his time was drawing night
He knew that he would make a greater sacrifice
He knew his time had come to die

    The time had come when he would die to free the world
    A world he loves so lost in sin
    The blessed promis that he left for you and me
    I go out soon I'll come again

The twelve disciples were all tathered by his side
The blessed  hrist of calvary
He told them how to carry on his work for God
He blessed them with his spirit free

 * Refrain

He knew that night someone would sell his precious soul
One of the twelve he loved so dear
He then told Judas quickly to go on his way
He knew the time of death was near

 * Refrain
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