Bluegrass Songs - The hobo song

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The hobo song

The late to feel sorrow too late to feel pain
He's just an old hobo and lost out in the rain
He'll never cause trouble so don't have no fear
He's just an old hobo and he'll soon be far away from here

    He used to be a gambling man just like you
    Until the asnk so low there was nothing you know for him to do

Well,don't make him ask you no don't make him beg
He was a war hero and that's how he hurt his leg
Well, he killed thirty Injuns with one cannon ball
Now he's just an old hobe asleep out in the hall

 * Refrain

A wife and five children who live in L.A
Oh, they miss their dear daddy who's gone so fara way
But they still have his picture it's hung on the wall
And he's just an old hobo asleep out in the hall

 * Refrain 
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