Bluegrass Songs - The girl I left in sunny Tennessee

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The girl I left in sunny Tennessee

On a morning bright and clear to my old home that I drew near
Just a village down in sunny Tennessee
I'd been speeding on the train that would bring me back again again
To that girl I left in sunny Tennessee

    I could hear those voices singing as she bid farewell to me
    Far across the fields of cotton my old hopes that I could see
    As the moon rose in its glory then I told my saddest story
    Of that girl I left in sunny Tennessee

Now the train drew up at last old familar scene's had passed
And I kissed my mother at the station door
Then kind friends that gathered round tears on every face I found
There I missed the one that I'd been waiting for

 * Refrain

I just whispered mother dear where is Mary she's not here
all the world seemed dark and sadness came to me
She just pointed to the spot in that little church yard lot
Where my sweetheart sleeps in sunny Tennessee

 * Refrain
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