Bluegrass Songs - Streets of Baltimore

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Streets of Baltimore

I sold a farm to take my woman where she longed to be
We left our friends and all our kin back there in Tennessee
I bought those one way tickets that's what she was begging for
And they took us to the Streets of Baltimore

Her eyes they shown with laughter when she was those city lights
She said the prettiest place on earth is Baltimore at night
A man feels proud to give his woman what she's longing for
And I kind like the Streets of Baltimore

I got myself a factory job, I ran an old machine
I bought a little cottage in a nieghborhood serene
When I cam home from working late with every muscle sore
She'd brag me thru the Streets of Baltimore

I'd give anything to take her back to what she use to be
But I guess she loved those city lights more than she loved me
So I'm headin' home on that same train that brought me here before
While my baby walks the Streets of Baltimore

Oh yes, my baby walks the Streets of Baltimore
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