Bluegrass Songs - Stranger in the tavern

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Stranger in the tavern

Late one night in a bar room
A gay happy crowd was there
I sat alone at my table
My head bowed low in despair
My past was a vision before me
Everythihg I'd done was so wrong
Drifting on the road to destruction
I was lost and alone

    Oh Lord ( Lord ) have mercy
    On a poor lost sinner like me
    I'm on the path to destruction
    And no one can save me but thee

Then through the front door walked a stranger
In the clothes of a plain simple man
And the crowd all stared and wondered
At the bible he held in his had
He walked right up to my table
And he placed his hand gently on me
My son turn away form your sinning
And the joys of salvation you'll see

 * Refrain

Then he truned and walked from the tavern
And the crowd made not a sound
I walked out to the sidewalk
But the man could not be found
Now I thank God for his mercy
And the love he showed for me there
When the stranger came into the tavern
In answer to a lost sinners prayer

 * Refrain
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