Bluegrass Songs - Shes gone gone gone

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Shes gone, gone, gone

    Shes gone, gone, gone, gone,gone, gone
    Crying won't bring her back
    The more that I cry the faster that train
    Flys father on down the track

She said if ever deceived her
She'd be gone before I could count ten
I guess that I didn't believe her
Now look at the trouble I'm in

  * refrain

I've lost ever right to be happy
When I lost the heaven I found
She said she'd be gone and she left me
Before my first tear hit the ground

  * Refrain

If only knew where find her
I'd crawl there on my hands and knees
Each tick of the clock there reminds her
She's one second farther from me

  * Refrain

Father on down the track
Father on down the track
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