Bluegrass Songs - Painted lips

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Painted lips

I walked into a tavern just lookin' for some fun
With lights so dim room filled with somke her story had just begun
I listened while she told them about her life and fame
We once knew love I broke all vows her lonely heart still aches

No one will know the sleepless nights the bitter tears she sheds
Or know how many prayers for me those painted lips have said
She's dancing with a stranger and smiling all the while
Although her heart is breaking her painted lips still smile

No one will know the truth dear how I have schemed and lied
Or know the loneliness and pain that painted lips can hide
She's dancing with a stranger she'll smile and drink his wine
Hidden behind those painted lips a broken heart you'll find

So when you see a woman with painted lips so bright
Don't be to quick to judge her a lady of the night
Her smiles too often cover the sudden tears that start
Behind her painted lips you'll find a woman's broken heart

A woman's broken heart, a woman's broken heart, a woman's broken heart
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