Bluegrass Songs - Old Rattler

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Old Rattler

Rattler was a good old dog, as blind as he could be
But every night at suppertime, I believe that dog could see

    Here, Rattler, here, here, Rattler, here
    Call old Rattler from the barn, here, Rattler, here

Rattler breaked the other night, I thought he treed a coon
When I come to find him, he's barkin' at the moon

  * Refrain

Rattler was a friendly dog, even though he was blind
He wouldn't hurt a living thing, he was so very kind

  * Refrain

One night I saw a big fat coon, climb into a tree
I called Ol' Rattler right away, to fetch him down for me

  * Refrain

But Rattler wouldn't fetch for me, because he liked that coon
I saw them walking paw in paw, later by the light of the moon

  * Refrain

Grandpa had a muley cow, muley since she was born
It took a jaybird forty years, to fly from horn to horn

  * Refrain

Now old Rattler's dead and gone, like all the good dogs do
Don't put on the dog youself, or you'll be going there too

  * Refrain
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