Bluegrass Songs - Oak grove church

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Oak grove church

There's an old church so dear, standing lonesome and still
And in memory it's still to me
A place still so sweet for I heard as a boy
The old hymn Near my God to thee

    Oh, the wonderful, beautiful memories untold
    Oh, the m-e-m-o-r-i-e-s, untold
    Of an old fashioned church, yes Oak Grove Church of old
    Oak g-r-o-v-e Church of old
    Will live on till the end of time
    For my wonderful, heavenly Saviour was there
    S-a-v-i-o-r was there
    Each time, yes each time that old church bell would toll
    Each time the bell tolled
    Looking for his lost sheep to find

There I heard Daddy pray and I heard Mother sing
With the tears runing down their face
Many now have passed on, who's souls there were saved
While we all sang Amazing Grace

  * Refrain

There is still an Oak Grove where I played as a boy
And I'm sure there is still a well
And I know every spring sweetly still the birds sing
Some will nest in the old church bell

  * Refrain
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