Bluegrass Songs - Milwaukee here I come

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Milwaukee here I come

Milwaukee's where we before we came here
Working in a brewery, making the finest beer
She came to me on a payday night, said let's go to Tennessee
So we went down to Nashville to Grand Ole Opery

    I'm gonna get on the old turnpike and I'm gonna ride
    I'm gonna leave this town till you decide
    Which one you want the most, them Opery stars or me
    Mulwaukee here I come from Nashville, Tennessee

We turned on the TV, Minnie Pearl was talking loud
I said she's the woman for me, I love her,there's no doubt
I'm leaving here right now to find out where she's at and if I can find her
I'll settle for little pretty Tammy Wynette

  * Refrain

I'm going now and trade my old ford for an Olds
I might get all drunked up and trade it for a Rolls
One thing I know for sure, I'll always be blue
There ain't no way to get drunk enough to stop my loving you

  * Refrain

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