Bluegrass Songs - Midnight special

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Midnight special

Well you wake up in morning
Hear the ding dong ring
You go a-marching to the table
See the same damn thing
Well, it's on a one table
Knife, a fork and a pan
And if you say anything about it
You're in trouble with the man

    Let the midnight special
    Shine her light on me
    Let the midnight special
    Shine her ever loving light on me

If you ever go to Houston
You better walk right
You better not stagger
You better not fight
Sheriff Benson will arrest you
He'll carry you down
And if the jury finds you guilty
Penitentiary bound

  * Refrain

Yonder come little Rosie
How in the world do you know
I can tell her by her apron
And the dress she wore
Umbrella on her shoulder
Plece of paper in her hand
She goes a-marching to the captain
Says I want my man

  * Refrain
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