Bluegrass Songs - Matterhorn

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We started out from Bern one sunny Augast morn
There was just the four of us against the Matterhorn
There was Albert the Australian and John the Irishman
Me and Bill from Britain, mad dogs in the sun

    Matterhorn, Matterhorn
    Men have tried and men have died to climb the Matterhorn
    That mighty Matterhorn

Two miles up we lost John and the rations fell bellow
Al and Bill were lying beneath an avalanche of snow
Now here I am all alone and I know I cannot stop

  * Refrain

Now here I am a-dying upon the Matterhorn
Not a grave for me to lie in, not a thing to keep me warm
The Queen would surely knight me if I could get back down
But it's closer here to heaven that it is back to the ground

  * Refrain
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