Bluegrass Songs - Little Bessie

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Little Bessie

Hug me close dear mother closer
Put your arms around me tight
For I'm cold and tired dear mother
And I feel so stranger tonight

All at once a window opened
Upon one so bright and fair
And I knew it must be Jesus
When he said come near my child

Come up here little Bessie
Come up here and live with me
Where little children never suffer
In the long eternity

Then I thought of all you told me
Of that bright and happy land
I was going when you called me
When you came and kissed my hand

I felt so sorry when you called me
And from this world I soon must go
Go to sleep and never suffer
Then dear mother don't be crying so

Hug me closer closer mother
Put your arms around me tight
Oh, how much I love you, mother
And I feel so strange tonight

And the mother pressed her darling
Closer to her own dear burning breast
To the heart so near broken
Lay the child so near at rest

At the solemn hour of midnight
In the dark and lonesome deep
Lying on her mother's bosom
Little Bessie fell asleep

Far up yonder at the portais
That are shining very fair
Little Bessie now is tended
By her Savior's loving care

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