Bluegrass Songs - Jesse James

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Jesse James

Went down to the station, not many days ago
Did something I'll never do again
I got down on my knees and selivered up the keys
To Frank and his brother, Jesse James

    O, Jesse leaves a wife, she's a mourner all her life
    And the children, they were brave
    But the dirty little coward, he shot Mister Howard
    And he laid poor Jesse in his grave

O, Jesse was a man and friend to the poor
He would never see a man suffer pain
But with he brother Frank, he robbed the Chicago bank
And he stopped the Glendale train

  * Refrain

O, the people in the West, when they heard of Jesse's death
They wondered how he came to die
It was Ford's pistol ball brought him tumbling from the wall
And it laid poor Jesse down to die

  * Refrain

Now Jesse goes to rest with his hands upon his breast
And the devil will be upon his knees
He was born one day in the county of Clay
And he came from a solitary race

  * Refrain

This song it was made by Billy Gashade
As soon as the news did arrive
He said there was no man with the law in his hand
Who could take Jesse James when alive

  * Refrain

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