Bluegrass Songs - Im thinking about you

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I'm thinking about you

I'm thinking about you and hoping you're true
There long weary nights I'm going thru
I'm never glad I'm talways sad
Darling you know I'm thinking about you

    Darling you know what we've been thru
    Darling you know we can't be untrue
    I'm doing my part I'm trusting your heart
    Sweetheart you know I'm thinking about you

When you were a littlw girl and I a little boy
We promised our love to share and enjoy
But the time has come when I'm far away
Thinking about you both night and day

  * Refrain

I'll say my love you must do the same
To make all our dreams we promise come true
I'm doing my part, I'm trusting your heart
Darling you know I'm thinking about you

  * Refrain

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