Bluegrass Songs - Ill never make you blue

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I'll never make you blue

Since You went awy, the skies have turned togrey
I never knew I loved you this way
I can't live without you, and if you'll come back soon
Darling I'll never make you blue

I'll never make you blue, darling, I promise you
To be forever honest honest and true
The things I use to do, I'll quit them all for you
Darling, I'll never make you blue

Darling, I'm to blame, but I won't be the same
All I ask is one more chance
To prove what I can do darling, for you
I'll prove that I can make you happy, too

Please come back to me, don't leave me here to grieve
My life away tis a memory
Just let me alone and say you'll come back home
Darling, I can't live alone
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