Bluegrass Songs - Ill find another woman

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I'll find another woman

    I'll find another woman go find you another man
    One that you can show that you're the leader of the band
    Perhaps you'll love the only life you'll ever understand
    I'll find another woman go find you another man

You said that you're not happy with a baby on your knee
So you leave it all alone and go stepping out on me
Well every night you're on your way to that wild side of life
You can't stand the thought to be a mother or a wife

It seems you don't care about the kind of life you choose
You know that if yoiu bamble some day you're gonna lose
This big world around you will tumble in your hand
I'll have me another woman, you'll need another man

  * Refrain

Down this highway of sorrow I'll leave to you alone
For I know you'll always feel that same old tumbling stone
Another man will see you and than he'll stumble on
He'll be a victum of a woman that's gone away

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