Bluegrass Songs - I left my gal the mountains

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I left my gal the mountains

I left my gal in the mountains, left her standing in the rain
Went down to the railroad caught myself a midnight train
I beat my way into Georgia, landed in a gambling town
Got myself into trouble, shot a county sheriff down

The jury read the verdict, murder in the first degree
The judge said take this prisoner to the penitentiary
They put the handcuffs on me, put me on a pullman tain
Took me to Atlanta boys and tied me to a ball and chain

I left my gal in the mountains, left her standing all alone
Last night I dreamed I got a letter saying honey won't you come back home
She said she was sad and lonely, told me that her love was true
Then I dreamed I wrote her a letter saying honey I'm coming back to you

When I woke up this morning lying in Atlanta jail
No one here to love me no one to go my bail
Then prison bars all around me a guard walking by my door
My heart is sad and lonely boys cause I'll never see my gal no more
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